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Build the Endowment

Peter Cooper, Andrew Carnegie and other notable philanthropists showed enduring vision for how to secure the future of The Cooper Union. Today nothing is more critical to the legacy of the school than our endowment. Your generous contributions to The Cooper Union's endowment can support faculty chairs, scholarships and fellowships, and perpetuate your annual giving. When you make an endowed gift, the principal is never depleted, while the return on its investment is used to fund the many critical continuing needs of the school.

In recognition of your generosity, you have the opportunity to name endowed funds, chairs or programs. The name you choose may be your own, that of a family member or another person inspirational to your life story whom you wish to honor. You will be creating a lasting legacy while addressing a vital college need.

Endowment gifts can support:

  • Faculty positions such as deanships, chairs and professorships, presidential scholars, visiting scholars, faculty fellowships and lectureships
  • Scholarship and Fellowship Funds which provide vital financial assistance or support research projects, thesis work, and travel and study abroad
  • Institutes and Centers, such as the Center for Writing or the Center for Signal Processing, Communication and Computer Engineering
  • Named lectures and exhibitions
  • Equipment, computers, library books and other critical lab or studio resources
  • Prize Funds to reward the accomplishments of Cooper Union students
The Cooper Union values contributions from alumni, students, parents and friends of the school. Visit Meet Our Supporters to see how we acknowledge your generosity.

A minimum gift of $50,000 can create a named memorial fund, and $100,000 or more will allow you to create a fund that will be invested with The Cooper Union’s endowment pool, the annual spending draw from which can be applied to any currently budgeted area of the school’s operations.

You also may give in any amount to an existing endowed fund of any kind.

Each endowed fund has a principal account and an operating/spending account, which is formed from the conservative annual spending draw determined by the current investment spending policy. It is also possible for you to assign some, or your entire gift, to the operating/spending account of a specific fund—thereby amplifying the current benefit of your giving.

To discuss how you can support The Cooper Union Endowment, please contact Peter Congleton, Director of Gift Planning, at (212) 353-4172 or peterc@cooper.edu.