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Meet Our Supporters

Peter Cooper established a school so that men and women of all backgrounds and means would benefit from the formal education and opportunities in life that were not available to him. He had the vision to see that education is the key to personal advancement and holds the promise to improve society. The Cooper Union has flourished for more than 150 years, still true to its founder’s enlightened vision, because of the generosity of countless individuals who have shared his view of education as the bedrock of a prosperous and democratic society.

Today, more than ever, The Cooper Union depends upon your support to educate, in Cooper’s words, “soaring minds” who will “secure the greatest good to the greatest number of youth in our city, our country, and the world.”

Donors who are generous to The Cooper Union are building a bridge of opportunity for many who are hungry to learn and achieve. Our generous supporters include alumni, students, faculty, parents and members of the global community. They are united by a strong connection to Cooper and a deep commitment to ensuring the strength and longevity of the institution. Please explore this section to learn more about how to do your part to serve the enduring legacy of Peter Cooper.