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May 21 CUAA Council Meeting Highlights, Photos & Links

The meeting was held in the Rose Auditorium at 41 Cooper Square.  Call to Order was made by CUAA President, Peter Cafiero, CE’83, and that was followed by an introduction of CUAA Executive Committee, Office of Alumni Affairs and Development Staff and Council Members. Al Brand CE ’67, Chair of the Tellers committee presented the results of the Spring Elections. CUAA President Peter Cafiero explained that the CUAA constitution requires the CUAA Council to confirm all nominees for office. Kevin Slavin, A ’95, Alumni Trustee-elect required that confirmation. Julian LaVerdiere A ’93 made a motion to confirm Kevin Slavin, A ’95 as the CUAA Council’s choice for Alumni Trustee.  Sean Cusack, BSE ’98 seconded the motion. CUAA President Peter Cafiero called for the council members to vote.  The vote carried. Mary Lynch, ChE ’82, Chair of the Communications committee, summarized the work of that committee since the February meeting which included producing the monthly newsletter and publicizing alumni shows and CUAA events on the cualumni.com website and the CUAA Facebook page.  Darrell Low, EE '89, Chair of the Annual Fund summarized the data on donations and participation rates for the 2013 Annual Fund. The 2013 fiscal year ends on 6/30/13.  MaryAnn Nichols, A '68 presented a plaque to Peter Cafiero which was a thank you gift from the Executive Committee.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM so that the forum discussion could begin with a panel of Trustees 

An Alumni Trustee Panel answered questions from alumni from approximately 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. The moderator was Mary Lynch, ChE ’82. Rocco Cetera, CE ’99, VP Alumni Events, facilitated the gathering of audience questions by passing the microphone amongst the audience.

The Trustee Participants were:
Peter Cafiero, CE '83, CUAA President (Term ends July 2013)
Edgar Mokuvos, EE '78, (Term ends September 2016)
Don Blauweiss, A '61, (Term ends September 2013)
Audrey Flack, A '51, Former Trustee (Term ended Sept 2012)
Tom Driscoll, ME '77, Trustee (CUAA Term ended 2011)

Several alumni participated by supplying questions ahead of the forum.  They included: Sylvia K. Corwin, A ’43, Kay Nordstrom, ME ’77, Tim Lomma, ME ’94 & MME ’97, Joseph Horowitz, CE ’53, Janet Gardner, A '65, Don Mallow, A ’50, Perry Bergman, ChE ’60, Leon H. Seitelman, EE ’60. 

The alumni that participated by asking questions during the forum included:  Ben Degen, A ’98 , Victoria Lief-Bertotti, A ’82, Carmi Bee, AR ’67, Scott Lyne, ChE ’92, Kevin Slavin, A ’95, Lauren Myers Ellberger, IE ’08, Grace Baird, CE ’08, Diane Lewis, AR ’76, Brian Rose, A ’79, Barry Drogin, EE ’83, Sara Foley, IDE ’09, Eric Dies, ME ’04, Suzan Wines, AR ’90, Oliver Antonio, AR ’13, Nils Anderson, A ’94.

You can watch a video of the May 21, 2013 Council meeting and Trustee Forum here.  http://www.livestream.com/thecooperunion1/video?clipId=pla_cbf78d16-f193-4c5e-805d-1c4d2c0acc5f&utm_source=lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb

 Al Brand, CE '67 delivering Spring Elections results  Panel including: Mary Lynch, ChE '82 (moderator), Peter Cafiero, CE '83, Edgar Mokuvos, EE '78, Don Blauweiss, A '61, Audrey Flack, A '51 and
Tom Driscoll, ME '77
 Darrell Low, EE '89 presenting information about participation rates for the 2013 Annual Fund

Over 60 people attended the event in the Rose Auditorium at 41 Cooper Square

Mary Lynch, ChE '82 moderating the forum
 Newly-elected Alumni Trustee, Kevin Slavin, A '95 asking a question of the panel